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The Challenge of Islam $5.00*
Stuart Robinson

Dr Stuart Robinson in his book The Challenge of Islam writes a compelling call “…to the church to act with new decisiveness, humility and devotion”. This is not a call to war, to viciousness or turmoil; but rather a call to effective witness, evangelism and love.

Every Christian should at least read this booklet; every pastor should know this booklet well.


Islam Rising $7.00
Stuart Robinson



Secular political leaders and media minders have marginalised religion unless it serves their professional interests. Historical memory hardly extends beyond yesterday’s sound-bites or delves deeper than the flutter of social media comment. ‘Islam Rising’ summarises elements of how enduring turmoil in the Middle East has arisen and some implications for the rest of the world.

In this riveting book, Stuart Robinson calls Christians to get ready to bring in a harvest, the likes of which has never been seen in human history.

Rev. Dr. Mark Durie, author and Anglican Pastor, Melbourne

“With typical background investigation and insightful analysis, Robinson clarifies about Islamic State what some are afraid to admit. A book to be thoroughly recommended.”

Dr. Bernie Power, Lecturer in Islamic Studies, Melbourne School of Theology

“This little book will most certainly aid understanding, challenge apathy and inspire hope.”

Elizabeth Kendal, Religious Liberty analyst and author.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 9.46.02 amFarsi New Testament  $15.00*


These New Testaments have been difficult to get. We now have a supplier and recently received a supply of 400 Farsi New Testaments. These are well produced and strongly bound. We recommend giving New Testaments to Persian and Arabic friends to introduce them to Jesus. A discount is available for purchases over 7 copies.




Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.04.30 amTopical Concordance to Qu’ran $10.00*

The ‘Topical Concordance to Qu’ran’ is a very helpful and useful guide to exploring the Qu’ran. An English index enables subjects to be explored in the Qu’ran. This Concordance gives some insight into conservative Muslim understanding of the teaching of the Qu’ran.

Every person who has dealings with people of the Muslim faith should utilise this helpful booklet. Muslims often know and reverence their holy book more than we Christians reverence the Holy Bible, the Word of God.

Other Resources – we stock a variety of books, Bibles (Arabic and Arabic-English) and DVD’s that are useful for being informed about English) Islam and the Middle East region. Enquire at the National Office for further information.

*Please note, postage is additional

More Resources

Challenge of Islam Stuart Robinson   5.00
Defying Death (The story of Father Zakaria Botross) Stuart Robinson 20.00
Islam and Christianity on the Edge Peter Riddell, John Azumah 35.00
Islam – Human Rights and Public Policy David Claydon 40.00
Let Your Light Shine John Azumah   5.00
Liberty to the Captives (Islam and Dhimmitude) Mark Durie 15.00
Light of Islam John Azumah   5.00
Mosques and Miracles Stuart Robinson 20.00
Revelation (Do we worship the same God?) Mark Durie 20.00
Sharing God’s Love with Muslims Bill Dennet 15.00
The Third Choice (Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom) Mark Durie 25.00
The Wisdom of Islam and the Foolishness of Christianity Richard Shumack 20.00
Turn Back the Battle Elizabeth Kendall 20.00
Arabic Bible (NAV) 20.00
Arabic Bible (NAV Softcover) 10.00
Arabic-English Bible (NIV) 30.00
JESUS Arabic, Turkish, Farsi 10.00
Behind the sun True life story from the Middle East 15.00
God is Love Arabic 10.00
God is Love Farsi 10.00
God’s Plan – My Role Arabic with English and French subtitles 20.00
Magdalena 10.00
More than Dreams Testimonies of Muslims 10.00
The Prodigal Arabic 10.00
Secrets of the Kingdom 1&2 Arabic 10.00
MECO DVD’s* A donation would be appreciated
From Now to Eternity
To Win the Nations
God at Work
Shout for Joy
Special Needs Ministries
Teaching DVD’s* By Dr Ken Bailey (author of Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes and Paul Through Mediterranean Eyes)
A Clear View of Jesus Birth 20.00
The Lord’s Prayer 20.00
Women in the New Testament 2 discs 40.00
Jesus the Theologian – The Parables 3 discs 60.00