Prayer Resources for the Middle East

The prayerfulness and boldness of our Christian friends in the Middle East is an inspirational example to us as they work and witness through the present crises. This is a most significant moment for us to stand with them in prayer to let them know they are not alone.

People outside the Middle East should be praying. Here are five suggestions.

Pray for:

  • Christians under pressure
  • refugees and displaced people
  • extremists
  • governments
  • Christian workers in the region.

The best thing people outside the Middle East can do is pray.

  • pray in church services
  • give out headlines for special and regular prayer meetings and events
  • resource home groups and support groups for people working internationally
  • pray personally

MECO’s quarterly magazine has more information and prayer points.

National Offices can tell you of existing prayer groups or advise how one can be started.

Here are some resources for you to download and use.

    • Governments – click HERE
    • Christians under pressure – click HERE
    • Displaced people – click HERE
    • Extremists – click HERE
    • Christian workers – click HERE
    • Middle East Christians standing firm – click HERE


MECO is partnering with SIM UK and three other agencies, Interserve, ECM and WEC to stimulate prayer for Syrian refugees: those who are refugees in Syria itself, those who have fled to receiving countries bordering Syria,Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey and Egypt who are either in camps or living in the community, and of course those on the move across Europe.The 7 Days of Prayer resources can be used as a personal devotional plan, in a church service or a special prayer meeting. There are no set dates, so please us them regularly as best suits your situation.

  • For the “Seven of Days Prayer” PDF file, click HERE
  • For a the downloadable “Seven Days of Prayer” PowerPoint presentation for use in meetings, click HERE

Pray with MECO

We send out prayer focused emails each month. They focus on current issues for MECO, the region and the areas of ministry we’re involved in.

We also produce a Daily Prayer Guide each month, highlighting current issues and events, people and ministry. This has an emphasis on what our friends in the region are asking us to pray with them. Sign up today by completing the following form for our regular Prayer Guide.


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For prayer information on the Middle East from other organizations click the links below:

* Please check the home page of the organisation in case there is a regional office closer to you with news updates or prayer initiatives taking place in your area.

Please inform us if these links are broken.