MECO (Middle East Christian Outreach) is a team of people who share God’s heart for the Middle East. We encourage national churches as they engage in effective witness to Christ. We’re valued for our track record of cultural-sensitivity, our commitment to learn language, and our flexibility and willingness to serve under local leadership. Our desire is to be present for the long term in order to share and show Christ’s love.

The Middle East has always played a crucial part in human history. Christianity spread from here to the world. While 90% of the population know little of Jesus as revealed in the Gospel, many are asking questions. This is a time of significant opportunity. With Christian believers in the Middle East, we’re involved in introducing people to God’s message of hope in Christ. Our service dates back to 1860.

In a deeply divided and uncertain region, we know the love of God and His forgiveness revealed in Christ can change hearts and bring a desire for real peace. Despite many pressures, a growing number of people are living their lives for Christ in the region. We believe the gospel is best shared by them and our aim is to encourage them in their witness.