We are called to:

  • proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ among the people of the Middle East
  • mobilize and equip people who will pray for and go to the Middle East to serve
  • work wherever possible in fellowship and co-operation with Christian churches and agencies in the region
  • foster church growth and church planting in the region
  • serve the people of the Middle East

The vision of MECO International is to see the love of Jesus Christ lived and proclaimed in the Middle East.

The mission of MECO International is to support Middle East Christians in sharing the love of Jesus Christ. This support includes prayer, example, service, partnering with churches, training and development, and encouraging church planting.

We aim to mobilise and equip people and prayer for the Middle East.

Affirming the Scriptures as the sole authority for our lives and our message, we are
committed to:

  • Servant-hood
    We seek to reveal the character of Christ through a life of sacrificial service, being flexible in our methods and our lifestyle, in order to identify with and reach the people among whom we live.
  • Evangelism
    We believe that, since faith comes from hearing, the message of the gospel of Christ needs to be communicated verbally as well as incarnationally to be understood by the hearer.
  • Reliance on God
    We rely on the Holy Spirit to lead people to Christ, to engender Christ-likeness, and to equip for service, and so we make prayer our priority. Through prayer we also show our dependence on God to direct us and to provide for needs.
  • The Church
    We are committed to work in fellowship with Christians, churches and agencies in the region. Members of the Fellowship come as servants of God’s Church in the Middle East. We believe that national Christians in the Middle East are the key to the evangelization of the area. In our partnerships, we will in general submit to the leadership of the national church.
  • Training and Development
    We believe that all members need to be well trained professionally and biblically, and in language and culture awareness. We place a priority on the personal and spiritual development of each member, and to this end we seek to place our members in teams, for the achievement of mutual goals, and for support and encouragement.
  • Excellence
    We believe in striving for excellence in all we do, as we do it for the Lord and not for men.